Land and Lake Management

The Sierra Lakes County Water District owns 19 parcels in the community in addition to the land underlying Lakes Serena and Dulzura. District Owned Parcels Some of the non-lake parcels are considered environmentally sensitive, most were deeded to the District by various Developers for specific uses, a couple were obtained through the tax default of a previous owner and others were purchased by the District to meet operational needs. The District purchased the land underlying the lakes in 2013 from the Truckee Donner Land Trust following the Trust's acquisition of approximately 2,000 acres of foreclosed property planned for residential and commercial development. 

With the exception of Lot 1 which is located at the southwest corner of Lake Dulzura and leased to the Serene Lakes Property Owners Association (SLPOA), the District has established rules for the use of the properties. Development of management regulations for the lake and surrounding shoreline began in 2014 and was revisited in 2015. The Board's philosophy in developing the policies was to protect water quality, protect the lakeshore and other fragile areas, take into account the needs of adjacent property owners and provide access to the lakes. Division XXX of District Ordinance 18.01 contains the land use regulations for all District owned properties. The Lake Access Brochure and Renters Guide provide information specific to use of the lakes.