Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When and where does the Board of Directors meet?

A: The Board's regularly scheduled monthly meeting is on the second Thursday of each month at the District Office at 7305 Short Road. The agenda and supporting documents are available on the District website not later than 72 hours prior to the start of the meeting. The public is urged to attend and comment on any issue, whether on the agenda or not. (See Board Meetings under Governance for more information) 

Q: I want to build a new house, how do I hook up to water and sewer?

A: This document Instructions to Applicant describes the application process and construction requirements for connection to the District's water and sewer systems.

Q: What do I do if I have a water or sewer problem?

A: Call the Utility Operations Office at 530-426-7802. If you receive a recorded message and/or if it is after hours leave a message including the time you called, the location and nature of the problem and your callback number. A Utility Operator is on call 24 hours/day, 365 days/year and your message will be forwarded to the on-call operator.  If you are unable to reach the Operations Office during normal business hours, leave a message first and then call the District Administrative Office at 530-426-7800 for assistance.

Q: What needs to happen when I sell my house in Serene Lakes? 
A: District Ordinance 18.01 requires: the water and sewer service lines between your home and the street connection be pressure tested, the installation of a meter pit if one doesn't already exist, verification that all water and sewer plumbing fixtures are low-flow rated and the stop&drain valve be tested for correct operation.  The testing and any necessary corrective work must be inspected and approved by District personnel prior to close of escrow. If sale occurs between October 16th and April 30th and the work cannot be completed due to snow, funds will be held in escrow until all inspections have been completed.  The amount of the escrow is based on the assumption that replacement of the services is required. For more information on these requirements, see Divisions X and XXII of Ordinance 18.01 Ordinance 18-01 and the Instructions to Applicant.

Q: I'm in Serene Lakes only part-time. Why do you have only "flat-rate billing?" 
A: The Board has looked at this issue several times over the past years and is working toward consumption based water rates in 2025 which will require that all houses be metered and the technology to read the meters 12 months of the year be in place. The fact is that the fixed costs of operating and maintaining the system plus the capital costs of upgrading the infrastructure as it reaches the end of its useful life far outweigh the incremental costs due to actual water use, such that the cost difference between higher and lower water use would likely be minimal.