Boat Storage

The Serene Lakes Property Owners Association (SLPOA) provides boat storage on District owned property for Serene Lakes residents under a License Agreement with the District. Seasonal (June to October) boat storage is provided at three locations: Bales Road, Serene/Swiss and Lot 1. The Bales and Serene/Swiss sites are open to all Serene Lakes residents and District rate payers with the priority given to non-lakefront property owners. The fee for seasonal boat storage at these locations is $25 per boat for SLPOA members and $50 per boat for ratepayers that are not members of SLPOA. Lot 1 is free and open to SLPOA members only. There are 300 storage spaces at Lot 1, 84 at Bales and 20 at Serene/Swiss with spaces at the latter two sites assigned via an on-line application process.  Due to demand, there is a limit of one seasonal space per home at Bales and Serene/Swiss and two seasonal spaces at Lot 1. 

All other boat storage sites are considered short term (boats may be left for no more than three days at a time). The seasonal fee for short term is $10 per boat for SLPOA members and $20 per boat for ratepayers who are not SLPOA members. Those sites are Allen (14 spaces) and Serene/Swiss (10 spaces) on Lake Serena and Castle, Beacon and Dulzura on Lake Dulzura (6 spaces, each). Short-term storage requires registration with SLPOA and space is available on a first come first served basis. Preference will be given to residents on the west side of the lake for Serene/Swiss. Preference will be given to residents on the east side of the lake for Castle, Beacon and Dulzura. Preference will be given residents around the Allen cul de sac and environs for the Allen site.  

Go to the SLPOA Boat Storage for information on how to register and store your boat.