Turning Your Water On and Off

During the last 10 days of January 2019 the District experienced a significant increase (almost double) in water use (113,000 gallons per day) as compared to the same 10 day period in 2018 (58,000 gallons per day).  The amount of sewage collected and pumped to the Donner Summit PUD Wastewater Treatment Plant was consistent both years at approximately 43,000 gallons per day.  The difference between water used and sewage generated should be minimal this time of year (because there is no irrigation) and the approximately 70,000 gallons of unaccounted water is an indicator of system leakage. In addition to wasting a natural resource, the leaks increase District pumping and treatment chemical costs. Based on information collected over the past year from a subset of homes with remote reading meters, the leaks are almost certainly due to stop&drain valves not be fully turned on and/or off. A valve that is not completely opened or closed will leak water out of the drain hole even though your home's plumbing system appears to operating correctly. If you put your ear near the operating handle and can hear running water, the valve is not fully open or closed.  If you  have any questions concerning the operation of the stop&drain valve please call the Office (530-426-7800) Monday through Friday and one of the Operators will come by to review its operation with you and check that the valve is fully on or off.