Although the sewage treatment plant does a pretty good job of treating organic materials, it does much less well at inorganic materials. Because of that there is a bar screen and a communator (for a good view of the new sewer plant and how it works: link) that remove inorganic materials. That solves the problem at the plant.

What about when inorganic materials enter the system? They don't just go into the pipes and flow to the plant. They have to be pumped over the hill and then they flow downhill to Soda Springs. To get them over the hill, pumps are used. Inorganic materials can clog the impellers in the pumps.

Just before Christmas one year for example, pump house 2 stopped working. It was clogged with rug fibers, disposable diapers, etc. The maintenance crew had to rewire the pump and run it backwards, and then clean out the well. Be careful about what you flush.