The Sierra Lakes County Water District is a county water district supplying water and sewer services. It serves the Serene Lakes Community just outside of Soda Springs, CA. Soda Springs, on Donner Summit, sits at 7000' elevation. Go to the maps page to see details of the location and area.

Two miles away, Norden holds the record for the most snow falling in a residential community in the Continental United States. Average annual snowfall is 10.4 m and average maximum snow depth is 2.4 m according to the Central Sierra Snowlab.

Water for residential use is drawn from Lake Serena, pictured to the right. Sewage is pumped to the Donner Summit Public Utility treatment plant in Soda Springs. Go to the water delivery and sewer service pages for details on operation.

Contact Sierra Lakes County Water District
Administrative Offices
7300 Short Rd.
Soda Springs, CA 95728-1039
fax: 530-426-1120
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