Who Gets to Vote in the SLCWD elections?

1. Registered voters get to vote, naturally using the normal process.

2. The SLCWD is one of the few landowner voting districts in the state. This was preserved by special legislation. Landowners receive voter designation forms a couple of months before an SLCWD election. Landowners may designate who, on the deed, will cast the vote for the property. There is only one vote however. Registered voters who are landowners only get to vote only once. If multiple owners are on the deed only one of those owners gets to vote for the property in question. Landowners may not designate someone not on the deed as a voter.

3. Landowners with multiple properties only get to vote once. If there are multiple owners of the same properties, the owners may decide that one owner will vote using one property and the other owner may vote using the other property.

4. Corporations are people. Corporations may vote by designating one of the owners registered on the deed. Coporations do not get extra votes even though they may own multiple properties - unless a corporation has multiple owners.

5. All elections in Soda Springs are by mail ballot. There is no precinct. So, after designating the voter, the designated voter will receive a mail in ballot from the County.

6. This voting procedure is only valid for SLCWD elections. Other offices and propositions on the ballot will come to registered voters in regular ballots from the Placer County elections office.