district ordinances

District Ordinances

SLCWD Ordinances - Table of Contents  
Chapter I - General  
Division I Definitions Division II Administration
Division III Notices Division IV Billing and Collections
Division V Discontinuation of Services Division VI General Provisions Water/Sewer
Division VII Main Extensions Division VIII Subdivisions and Development
Chapter II Water  
Divions X Water services Division XI Water Services - no main
Division XII Application for Water Services Divivsion XIII Fire Hydrants
Division XIV Temporary Sewer Division XV Water Service Change
Division XVI Tax Procedures Division XVII Cross Connections
Chapter III  
Division XXX Sewer Service Division XXXI Sewers
Divison XXXII Private Sewage Disposal Division XXXIII Outside Sewer Service
Division XXXIV Sewers and Connections Division XXXV Application Fees, Rates, Charges
  Division XXXVI Use of Dist Prop incorporating Ords 93 & 96
Ordinance 47 Sewer Testing Requirements Ordinance 79 Lake Water
Ordinance 47 guidelines  
Ordinance 69 What to do on house sale/water line testing Ordinance 80 Sewer/Water Charges and base charges
Ordinance 69 Guidelines  
Ordinance 2008-82 Water Connection Priorities, Water Management Planning Policy, Water availability for new water connections Ordinance 83 Water and Sewer Charges and the elmination of of water and sewer base charges and temporary services
Ordinance 84 - Water Meter Boxes 4-13-09 Ordinance 85 Billing returns to 2X/year 5-09
  Ordinance 90 - authority to lien 10/10
Ordinance 98 Board Member Compensation 3/15 Ordinances 93 & 96- Management of District Properties
Ordinance 94 - Relinquishing sewer connections
  Ordinance 97 - testing of the water service line, installation of a water meter box and installation of water conserving plumbing fixtures upon the sale of the property, modification of the building’s plumbing system or an increase in the building footprint.
  Ordinance 99 which replaces 96.
  Appendix for Ordinance 99- docks and piers
  Ordinance 100 - enforcement of District Ordinances
  Ordinance 101 - enforcement of District Ordinances - replacing #100