q and a's
Q's and A's about the new sewage plant

Why is sewage treatment so expensive in the mountains?
see "The High Cost of Water Treatment

Didn't we build the current plant with government grants? Just get some grants.
There are no grants.

Why should we pay for capacity increase?
Only undeveloped lot owners will pay for increased capacity.

Why can't we just conserve to solve the problem?
We can conserve the water we use. But that does not solve the sewage problem because waste concentrations will just be higher. Unless we eat less, there will be the same amount of waste; it will just be carried in less water.

Why not use holding ponds and process the waste over time?
The new plant will even out the flows with storage tanks obviating the more expensive ponds, land acquisition and greater environmental requirements.

Don't the ski areas constitute all the use?
They do use a lot of capacity but they also pay for that capacity. There will be a renegotiation of the DSPUD's Cal-Trans contract for processing rest area sewage. That doesn't affect the SLCWD side however. We pay for the capacity we use (it has been 44%).

Won't this new plant just encourage more development?
There is currently not enough capacity to service undeveloped lots. Without the ability to hook up those lots are essentially worthless. Those owners have to be accommodated. The plant will be built only big enough for currently developed lots and existing undeveloped lots. We are not going to pay for any more capacity than we need.

Why should undeveloped lot owners pay for the upgrades of the last three years?
Undeveloped lot owners will benefit from the upgrades made over the last three years. The upgrades fix flaws in the original installation, increase water flows to higher capacity hydrants, increase capacity for the system, reduce operation costs, and increase the life span of the system. Undeveloped lots helped pay for the original system's bonds; this is really the same thing When they connect, it will be to a flaw free modern system.

These price increases are ridiculous; I'm putting in a septic tank!
This is a bad idea but regardless, it's against local ordinance.