Reasons for the new sewer plant:

    • The State demands better processing of effluent into the Yuba River.
      The old plant, built in the 1980's and subsequently "adjusted" never met expectations with its unproven technology.
      There is no further capacity in the current plant and there are many undeveloped lots in Soda Springs and Serene Lakes.
      A new plant will use world wide proven technology and meet the State's requirements.
      The new plant will meet coming State requirements.

To read more about the new plant and the need for it we will accumulate documents here








Learn About the New Sewer Plant
The words in blue type are links - click on them to open the PDF documents.
Photographs of the current construction.
Nice color drawing of current and future sewer plant facilities.
. Assessment District presenation (PDF document)
No Choice - originally in the SLPOA January, 2011 newsletter: rationale, questions/answers, cost, technology to be employed
The DSPUD FacilityPlan: an opportunity for you to spend hours and days reading the 13 meg PDF.
Lots of graphics, charts, graphs, analysis, and a few pictures
Design Considerations for the new plant: overview - simple language - nice PDF "map" of new facilities
Design Considerations for the new plant: summary
Why Sewage Treatment Costs so much in the mountains: DSPUD article