Where Can I See the District Ordinances?
How Do I Hook Up for water and sewer? See also our hooking up webpages.
What do I do if I have problems with water or sewer?
How Old is our system?
What needs to happen when I sell my house in Serene Lakes?
What does SLCWD recommend for second homes when cold weather arrives?
I'm in Serene Lakes only part-time. Why do you have only "flat rate billing?"
How do I pay my bill?
What can I do to cut costs?

How do I hook up to water and sewer?

District personnel will assist you in locating the connection points to the District's water and sewer main lines. As a part of the connection application process, the District will provide you with a set of Instructions to the Applicant which outlines the requirements for making water/sewer connections, including the approved types of pipe, required depths, proper bedding and backfill materials, required inspections, etc. You also will be provided with a copy of our Erosion Control Guidelines (1.4meg). As we must protect the quality of the lakes which are our water source, the implementation of proper erosion control measures during and after construction is very important and strictly enforced.

What do I do if I have water or sewer problems?

Call the Water Filtration Plant Office at 530-426-7802. If after hours, you may reach the on-call operations & maintenance employee by calling this Plant Office number and then dialing the emergency number provided in the after-hours recorded message. If you are unable to reach the Plant Office during normal business hours, please call the District Administrative Office at 530-426-7800 for assistance.

What needs to happen when I sell my house in Serene Lakes?

The private water and sewer service lateral lines at your home must be tested; a water meter pit must be installed if one does not already exist; and if the stop-and-drain valve is the older type prone to failure, it must be replaced. This work is the responsibility of the seller. The testing and any necessary corrective work must be inspected and approved by District personnel. If sale of the property closes escrow prior to completion of the testing/corrective work, or if it sells in winter and the work must be put off until after the spring thaw, funds are escrowed based on the worst-case scenario of complete failure and replacement of the lines in order to have sufficient funds in reserve to cover such an event. For more information on these requirements, see Ordinance No. 47 and Ordinance No. 84 Guidelines.

I'm in Serene Lakes only part-time. Why do you have only "flat-rate billing?"

A: The Board has looked at this issue several times over the past years. We would need to have all houses metered for water consumption, and we would have to read the meters and bill accordingly. The fact is that just the ongoing costs for operation plus the capital costs (for past system upgrades such as the new water tank and water treatment system upgrade) far outweigh the incremental costs due to actual water use, such that the cost difference between higher and lower water use would be minimal.

How do I pay my bill?
Mail payments to:
Sierra Lakes County Water District
P.O. Box 1039 Soda Springs, CA 95728
Office: 530-426-7800
Fax: 530-426-1120
Anna Nickerson email