Upgrade to Water Treatment Plant
APR 16, 2020

Dear Serene Lakes Property Owner,

Thank you for sheltering at your primary residence during the Governor’s Covid-19 Emergency Declaration. Please continue to shelter at your primary residence and avoid visiting Serene Lakes for the time being.

The District is taking advantage of the current, unusually low water demand to perform a major upgrade to the District's Water Treatment Plant. From April 20 until May 8, 2020 Serene Lakes Second Property Owners’ are requested to avoid visits to Serene Lakes. Property Owners whose primary residence is at Serene Lakes are requested to conserve water to the greatest extent possible.

Your deep conservation measures will allow the District to minimize or eliminate the need to obtain water from an alternate source, will allow the upgrade to progress more smoothly, and will ultimately SAVE YOU MONEY!

Thanking you in advance,

Paul A. Schultz, PE

General Manager

Sierra Lakes County Water District